The Naional Honor Society Site is nearing completion. Recently, I acquired It was first owned by Monte Vista's NHS, and then by Monta Vista's. It was then acquired by a company hoping to sell it. They dropped it after no one wanted to buy it, and I picked it up (metaphorically). Monte Vista actually had a good site that had a database of who had received points for what. I hope that the site I'm building will eclipse all sites that came before it. It is an ambitious goal, but I believe I can do it. It also helps that the previous owners of the domain are no longer around to improve upon their work.

I am currently working on developing a site for the National Honor Society at my school. the site uses much of the code that I used for this site, but I'm changing the design. I am being assisted by my friend who is also in NHS. I bought and I've decided to make the official site.

I have been updating my blog. I am currently at NYLF/tech. It has been a lot of fun, but we have to go home tomorrow, something I don't wish to do. Most future and current updates will be added to my blog. I am about to remove the counter that now puts pop-up ads on my site, as some of the are quite dirty.

On my blog, I have posted my recollection of my getting in trouble at school with computers (or rather the network). I have been updating it at least every two weeks. I don't have too much time to mess with cyberpear much since school started. I most likely will have time when advanced programming starts. I don't expect to learn much, as the teacher will be "learning along with the class".

I haven't had much time lately to update the site very much, though I have been making occasional posts to my blog. I've been attempting to get Google to list my site in their index.

The Prime Number Calculator page is now fully functional, and is coherent to site design. My, how I love PHP!

I finally got my Prime Number Calculator to work with PHP, though at the moment, it is a text-only page.

My friend who has a site at FMD made me a new site banner. I think it looks pretty sweet.

I came across a quite interesting web site as I was browsing the web. The site that I found was EXCLIPY. It has some interesting articles on topics that I am interested in: Opera, CSS, and web standards.

A great web site for tweaking windows services is Black Viper. I find this site extremely useful.

As noted in my blog, I have successfully modified the code of a counter so that it will work with a page served as application/xhtml+xml. If your browser supports it, you are viewing the XHTML version of this page.

New domain!

I have just pointed my main url to the new (this) site.

If you try clicking on the links in Navigation, you should find that most of them are working. I changed some of the pages to php from asp. I haven't yet done so with the feedback or prime number calculator pages. This will hopefully happen soon.

Please help my friend to get his free Opera license by clicking the link.

Get a free iPod (and help me get mine also)!

I need to get a picture of me on this site. I'll probably put one up soon.

Update… photos uploaded

As of today (3-03-05), the feedback form is active and working.

I just got a new domain:!

Hello, Welcome to my Web Site.  As you may have noticed, or will notice, it hasn't been developed very much.  The reason I am building this site is so that I can learn HTML.  Everything on this site, I have written in plain text except for the above logo, which I created in Adobe Photoshop.

An (ancient) archive of this site can be found at DomainDLX.

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